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How to financially invest in yourself.

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Have you been feeling a lack or energy? Loss of motivation when you need or want to get something done. Feeling like pulling the covers over your head when it's time to get started and go?

Most likely you have reach an level of emotional, physical and mental burn out depleting all of the resources and energy that make you function. If your low fuel light comes on in the car you know it is time to pull over and fill up your tank with gas and that continuing to drive will leave you on the road emotionally drained.

As we go through life we can see the same warning signings and caution lights of depleting our emotional resources. Currently the earth has only so much natural resources to sustain our needs and eventually will run out to if a different means is not created to sustain our fuel resources.

We build our Emotional Resources in the moments we choose to take care of ourselves and fill up our cup. Self-care should be a daily event much like we check how much gas is in the car each time we get in, checking in with our selves each day or at the end of activities to see how we are doing and what we may need to restore our selves. When we wait until the end of the month or next week to practice self-care we are on the path to burn out and depletion.

When we invest in ourselves we build our capacity to hold the "things" that come our way.

We put time, effort and resources into growing our careers but place our emotional health second. Why do we place growing our personality and soul in second place when it takes the same time, effort and resources to live a life of wellness?

Investing in ourselves is the greatest capital on the planet. On this earth the pursuit of possibility is everywhere, and the best tool and resource is our potential. The amount of emotional resources we store for any given situation can be stored in an imagined container a cup, bucket, or trunk.

Filling your container is the first part of building up your emotional resources. Each moment you choose to listen to your heart or your inner voice, that place of knowing deep inside that says, "get outside", "call your friend", "rest" or "run". A part of #wellnessiseveryday, is working on filling that container each time your inner self calls and working to create an emotional reservoir the size of the hoover dam!

Find a quite place to reconnect to yourself. Take a deep breath and ask yourself?

1. Who am I?

2. What do I need ?

3. What do I want?

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